You website is like a catapult.

You don’t have to be the absolute best choice for the job, you just have to LOOK like the best choice and be visible when people are looking.  Most people will judge your business in about 5 seconds when they see your web site for the first time.  If you don’t have a web site you will loose so much business it will be hard to stay in business.  If you have a poor web site, you will loose a ton of business too.  One of the best ways to get a flow of new customers and stay in business is to have a great web site.  Here are three critical ingredients of an amazing business web site:

Number 1:

You need to have a professional looking web site.  If you are not a professional graphic designer (and most likely you are not) you need to hire a professional graphic and web designer to make your business logos and web site.

Number 2:

Your site has to be clear, concise and provide them with the most important information including prices and services offered.

Number 3:

You need a clear “Call to Action” on almost every page of your web site and especially on your home page.  Most people will spend about 5 seconds on your home page before they decide if they will stay there or bounce off to another competitor’s web site.  You can loose a customer that quick!  Decide what you are trying to get them to do and then quickly lead them to that action.  It may be a phone call or a sign-up form.  I include a specific call to action on almost every page of my web sites!  Doing this keeps a steady stream of new customer and sales coming in.

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