APTN Regulation Kit - Eric's Exact Tools

APTN Regulation Kit - Eric's Exact Tools

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Every tool in my regulation kit.  Can be used for full regulation on grands, uprights, and spinets.  These are my favorite tools and the ones that I find work best from everything I have tested over the years.


  • 6" Stainless Rule (4032)
  • Punching Lifter (158)
  • The Piano Action Book (1671)
  • Capstan Regulator (83)
  • Capstan Wrench (R-23)
  • Regulation Tool Case 8 slots (101)
  • Combination Tool Handle (26)
  • offset Key Spacer (464)
  • Bent Backcheck Regulator (472)
  • Key Balance Hole Easer (43)
  • Key Easing Pliers (243)
  • Double Drop Screw Regulator (R-16)
  • Let-Off Regulator 5" (67)
  • Grand Let-Off Regulator (3149)
  • Key Dip Block 3/8" (199)
  • Key Dip Block 10mm (R-25)
  • Action Screwdriver (193)
  • Regulating Screw Driver (194)

If something exact is not in stock or unavailable from my supplier at the time of your order, I will make substitution with similar tool or make partial refund and ship the rest of the kit.  

There is a 20% restocking fee for returns of this kit. 

USA CUSTOMERS ONLY - All international orders will be canceled. 
If you are outside the USA, contact me for details before placing order.