Next Level Modern Worship Guitar Lessons - EBOOK

Next Level Modern Worship Guitar Lessons - EBOOK

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Third Edition Next Level Learn-at-Home Lesson Course Book for the 8 Chords100 Songs Worship Guitar Program

Authored by Eric Michael Roberts
Edition: Third 

YES! It's time to take your playing to the next level! This complete book take you further into intermediate and advanced techniques for playing worship guitar. It contains powerful step-by-step learning lessons and includes everything you need to know to take the next step towards becoming a guitar player! This is the core curriculum of the popular online guitar program. You should be able to play a few of your open chords like G, C, D and E minor before you start this book. You can learn those beginner techniques in the first book in this series.

When you dive in here you will learn....

* Play the best modern chords shapes easily
* Master more great strumming patterns
* Slash Chords
* Advanced Palm Muting
* Picking Patterns
* Advanced Syncopation Strumming
* Selective Strumming Techniques
* Easy-to-play worship songs
* Playing and singing
* Guitar related music theory
* Reading notes on guitar
* Playing by the Nashville number system
* And much more!

Includes lesson plans, pro guitar tips and special MP3 audio downloads for an amazing learning experience.

Visit our web site to learn about the HD videos that take you through each lesson in the online school at

Remember, you can play all 100 songs from the 8 Chords 100 Songs Worship Guitar Songbook using these great techniques!