PlayandSingTV Guitar Method eBook

PlayandSingTV Guitar Method eBook

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This book is a compilation of my most important charts and lessons.  They are the parts of learning guitar that have guided and shaped me from the beginning.  For example, the first fingers exercise… is the same exercise my guitar teacher, Steve Thornhill, gave me in my first lessons.  These are the foundational building blocks that will lead you on a path to success in learning guitar and playing well. 

The charts are seriously amazing and will guide you for years as a guitar player.  Nothing is this book is simple filler.  It’s all important and it’s all from my journey. 

Another example, the open up, line up, grab, tilt method for beginners to start holding the guitar has helped thousands of my beginner students.  I created this method in my years as a private teacher.  When you do the right things in the right order and make the right little tweaks, things you once thought were hart, become easy!  That’s how I teach and that’s what I am excited to pass down to you. 

 Over the years, I have taken the confusing topics and broke them down into cool charts and easy to chew bites.  You can look at this and finally feel confident as a guitar player.  Step by step, you will unlock your potential as you study and practice through this book. 

 This book is made for anyone just starting out and has enough awesome material to be helpful and inspiring to someone who has been playing for decades.

There are videos, audio, download and cool stuff to help you on the journey!  You can find those videos and lessons in the Patreon and on the YouTube channel.  Because there are so many assets that can help you through this book, be sure to get the free PlayandSingTV Masterlist google sheet!