PlayandSingTV Music Theory Unlocked eBook

PlayandSingTV Music Theory Unlocked eBook

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Don't be shaking in your boots the next time you have to transpose a song before rehearsal.  Understanding music theory is the first step in gaining confidence as a musician.  I absolutely loved music theory classes in college because I started seeing patterns that helped me make sense of how music worked.  Once I show you key patterns and memory points, you will become a competent and confident musician. 

Music theory does not have to be hard!  There are patterns and tricks that the best musicians know.  As I figured these out, my ability as a musician grew exponentially.  When you know what to focus on and what to memorize, you can fast track your ability as a musician. In this book, I have compiled and explained the process and the most important memory points and how they all tie together.  I am focused mostly on harmony and chords, keys and transposition.  These are the keys to understanding how pop music works and what lies beneath the music that ties it all together in your mind.  These lessons and concepts will help you gain the confidence you need to play any song in any key, write your own songs, play by ear, and master the chord method.      
As you study this book you will realize you do not have to learn to read traditional piano music to be a successful musician.  When you learn how to play and read music using simple chords and charts, you can start playing the songs you love in just a few months... not years!  I'm going to show you how to be smart, transpose, and simplify even the toughest song charts down to the basics and play them just like the pros! 
This book is made for anyone just starting out and has enough awesome material to also be helpful and inspiring for someone who has been playing for decades.

There are videos, audio, download and cool stuff to help you on the journey!  You can find those videos and lessons in the Patreon and on the YouTube channel.  Because there are so many assets that can help you through this book, be sure to get the free PlayandSingTV Masterlist google sheet!