Modern Worship Electric Guitar Sessions Success Kit

Modern Worship Electric Guitar Sessions Success Kit

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Playing electric guitar should be FUN and AWESOME!

Join me to get an awesome start and learn the foundations and techniques that every electric guitar player needs to be confident and play with ease. 

I'm not just going to show you riffs and intros to songs... NO!  I'm breaking down every single important technique and showing you how to apply those techniques to any song you want to play. 

Session 1 

Learn these techniques:

  • Exercises
  • Power Chords
  • Notes on the Neck
  • Octaves
  • Bends
  • Vibratos
  • Hammers and Pulls
  • Slides

Session 2
Learn the pentatonic and scales you need to improvise and make great sounding licks and riffs for the intros and solo sections of your songs

Session 3
Get tips of how to add the electric guitar into worship songs without needing someone to hold you hand. I help you unleash creativity in any situation with a set of great tools to adding your electric guitar to the worship song.

Session 4
Lastly, learn 4 great songs, Note by Note, by worship band, Eureka Park. Not only will this be fun but it will combine all of the things you have learned in the course so that you will have practice and be able to apply your new skills to the worship songs you love.
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  • Modern Worship Guitar Lesson Book
  • 2 DVDS with video lessons


  • Special teacher email access and Facebook group to help you along your journey!
  • Access to my online step by step tutorials for some of the most popular worship songs (I show you exactly how I played them for my church)